About us


Tanzania Media Practitioners Association, commonly known as Tampa is a media innovative organisation bringing a fresh approach in promoting journalism excellence in Tanzania. We believe that media could play a big role in bringing government closer to the people, and are committed to making democratic decentralized government work for the poor.

Our main goals are upholding distinction in journalism, empowering citizenry through the supremacy of the media to understand their rights, contributes to the development of the country as well as builds their capacity to work effectively together to reduce poverty in Tanzania.

We believe that governments will only deliver quality public services when they are truly accountable to the country, and this will only happen when citizens and their representatives are actively pressing for change through knowledge impacted to them from serious media channels.

Tampa is the product of the initiative of experienced journalists in Tanzania, who value transparent and open media as a means to create a dynamic and informed citizenry.

Although registered in December 2019, in actual fact, it has been into existence since 2012, as it inherited all values, privileges and activities of Tanzania Journalists Alliance, Tajoa which was founded in December 2010 and received official registration from The Government of Tanzania in January 2012. Tajoa was forced to change name and status by the government following the amendment of NGO laws of the land.

Furthermore, Tampa is a unique alliance that recognises access to information as a basic human right and is making efforts to make sure that it offers a viable solution that allows every citizen to access this basic right.

Tampa seeks to unite journalists and ordinary citizens in Tanzania in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and information. This is achieved in two ways: (1) building the professional capacities of journalists; (2) persuading citizens to participate in journalism, by reading, listening and watching media products while having chances of reacting as well as contributing their opinions to the media.

Tampa offers a platform for continuous learning and sharing amongst journalists and citizens. It recognises the importance of sharing information and values the promotion of responsible and credible journalism.

Tampa – within its short life span has become widely recognised as an innovative and dynamic organisation in the field of good and responsible journalism, participation in giving voice to the voiceless and capacity building to journalists as well as the general public.